Cyber Security

Cyber Security

As quickly as technology creates opportunity for us all, the threats appear almost immediately. Staying one step ahead of those whose intent is to disrupt innovation or extort money is a priority for many businesses to maintain reputation and profits.

What drives individuals or groups of individuals to carry out cyber attacks is difficult to pinpoint but recent and historic events worldwide shows that all organisations can be vulnerable. Whether it’s the NHS in the UK, the US government or an international dating website, companies need to be aware of the risks and we work with those who are putting the people and processes in place to mitigate risks to the best of their ability.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) have changed the world of cyber security forever. With the universal adoption of innovative payment solutions and connected technologies, the importance of penetration testing and authentication is more important than ever.

Typical Roles

Keeping systems and data secure requires a wide range of skills. Heads of Cyber and Information Security will oversee a range of Security Architects, Penetration Managers and people specialised in Mobile Security. Experience in Tokenisations, Biometrics and Payments Authentication are now sought after skills – our network covers all areas of Cyber Security.

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