Why Krubera Group

Why Krubera Group

Krubera Group is an international Engineering and Technology talent partner, specializing in the fields of:

  • Engineering
  • Cyber-Physical / i4.0
  • Data Science
  • Cloud and DevOps

Our vision is simple – to become the world’s leading partner of choice for Industry across our core markets outlined above. We want to be recognized as a business who represents the scarcest of talent and the best opportunities for that talent with the client partnerships we develop.

Why do we do it?

We believe in the sectors we specialize in. The people, companies and technologies Krubera Group works with are impacting all of our lives on a daily basis – they are innovating the way we work, the way we play and the way we live. Krubera Group is proud to play a part in shaping the world for generations to come by finding and working with the talent that will define our future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Whether you believe ‘robots are going to take over the world’ or not, one thing is obvious and that is that the world is becoming more and more connected by the day. What you used to only be able to do in person you can now do on your phone, your watch or simply by saying a couple of words to a box on the sideboard.

What is Krubera Group’s Role?

This advancement in technology brings together opportunity, risk and many unknowns. Krubera Group is filling this space of “unknowns” by providing the talent to keep industry moving forward with innovation whilst protecting the data most important to us. Our role is to find the talent needed by businesses and consult with these companies on how their people are central to success.

John Kittle, CEO of Krubera Group.