Data Science

Data Science

With so much information at our disposal, separating fact from fiction and turning assumptions into a data-driven strategy is key to a company’s success. From healthcare to warehousing, data is increasingly becoming the King of Decision Making.

The world of Data is forever changing but we split our coverage into two areas: Data Analytics and Deep Learning. Both areas contribute to increasing productivity and ultimately increasing the quality of products and services the world over. Whether data is being analyzed for the purposes of retaining a product on a shelf or for speeding up a delivery route – data analysts are key.

Data is shaping the way we view the world and the way in which businesses and industries evolve. Getting it right, whether in Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail or in Healthcare is key and companies are relying on insights over ‘gut-feel’ more and more.

Typical Roles

The world of Data Science is awash with quirky sounding names from Pig to Python and from MongoDB to Hadoop.  Krubera Group recruits for all of these roles as well as the more traditional Big Data Architects and Analysts. We also specialize in the areas of Big Data, NoSQL Databases, and ETL.

If you are looking for your next Data Science role, please head to our jobs section to see our current opportunities.