Nearshore Solutions

Nearshore Solutions

In recent years, it has become less and less necessary for companies to have all their employees under one roof. Some alternatives, particularly for IT Development projects, include offshore outsourcing, assigning employees to work from home, insourcing, and nearshore IT outsourcing, also called “nearshoring.” Nearshoring involves sending information technology work to a foreign country that is relatively close to the home base of the company outsourcing the work.

Reasons to Nearshore IT Services

Companies may decide to nearshore some of their IT work because they want to cut costs, and nearshoring enables this by sending work to another country where the cost of living is lower and reflected in the rates.

However, unlike offshore IT outsourcing, which involves sending IT work to an overseas location that is much further away (e.g., work from U.S. companies being sent to India), nearshoring (e.g., sending work from the U.K to other European countries or the U.S to Canada) offers the following benefits:

  • fewer time zone differences;
  • geographical proximity;
  • more cultural and/or language similarities.

These conditions may be crucial to a company that is outsourcing a complex IT project and requires a lot of ongoing communication between its internal team and the nearshore team it is working with, or frequent travel to the nearshore destination.

Usually, workers in nearshore companies will be more highly trained than those in the ubiquitous sourcing companies in places like India, China, and Malaysia (which remain the top three IT outsourcing destinations worldwide).

It’s also more likely that the workers will be awake and alert if they aren’t being made to work in the middle of the night to fit another country’s hours of business.

Krubera Group can offer effective Nearshore solutions across Mainland Canada and Europe where a partnership approach is at the heart of our offering.

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