Cyber-Physical – i4.0

Cyber-Physical – i4.0

“Alexa, please find me a new role in…”

Connected technology is not quite there yet, but we work across specialist markets in Embedded Technology, Wearables, Networks and IoT/IoP/M2M working with companies looking to connect that one extra dot in a forever changing technological landscape.

This space is where technology meets engineering, where cars drive themselves and you can pay for your shopping with a swipe of anything with NFC technology. We have conversations daily with people and businesses who are embedding cars, phones and even buildings with electronics, sensors, actuators and more to collect and exchange data.

Krubera Group has relationships with some of the most exciting businesses, of all sizes, who are trying to make lives easier and advance our capabilities in the areas of medicine, defense, home living and finance. They all are looking for the best talent to keep them ahead of the competition and we introduce them to each other.

Typical Roles

Whether you’re a FPGA, FAE or DSP Engineer we cover all roles in the world of innovative technology. Software and Firmware Engineers with C/C++ experience are currently in high demand so please do get in touch with one of the team if you are looking to make a move or are in need of somebody with relevant experience. We also recruit for Mobile Developers and Embedded Systems Engineers.

For jobs like the above, as well as a range of others in this space, please browse our current opportunities.